The Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministry of Education and Culture


The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland is one of the twelve ministries that together with the ministers heading them form the Finnish Government. The Ministry of Education and Culture participates in the work of the Government by planning, outlining and implementing its policies. It is responsible for the development of education, science, cultural, sport and youth policies, and for international cooperation in these fields. Work carried out within the Ministry’s administrative branch has far-reaching effects on people's wellbeing and success.

The objective of the Ministry of Education and Culture is to provide citizens with possibilities for personal development through education and cultural services, to guarantee the skills needed in the labour market, to reinforce the national culture, and to promote international cooperation.


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


The OECD provides a forum in which governments can work together to share experiences and seek solutions to common problems. It produces high-quality, internationally comparable data and indicators, and develops key statistics that can be used to understand the economy and predict future trends. Its international surveys on education and skills provide benchmarks that help countries to equip citizens with the knowledge and skills needed to participate fully in their economies and societies.


Education International (EI)


Education InternationalEI represents organisations of teachers and other education employees across the globe. It is the world’s largest federation of unions, representing 32 million education employees in around 400 organisations in 172 countries and territories. To ensure that the voice of the teaching profession is heard in the international arena, EI engages actively and constructively with all the major international organisations, including the OECD, UNESCO, the International Labour Organization, and the World Bank.


The Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ)


The Trade Union of Education in FinlandThe Trade Union of Education in Finland, OAJ, is an independent and non-profit trade union, not linked to any political party, with ca. 120,000 members. The unionization rate is one of the highest figures in the world. We represent all teachers from pre-school teachers to university lecturers being an all-embracing union including teacher students and retired teachers. Every 9 out of 10 teachers in Finland is member of OAJ.

To ensure high-quality education for all and that the teaching profession’s voice is heard we engage actively with the members of parliament, government, ministries and the Finnish National Agency for Education as well as local authorities, media and parent’s associations.